Introducing HAZMAT Con-ED

The CON-ED system starts with a multi-phased training needs analysis that compares the needs of Hazardous Materials Technicians and their organization against the national standard of care. This standard of care includes OSHA requirements, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards 472 and 473 as well as any additional state, regional or local requirements. Once the analysis is complete, a training road map is designed to address identified knowledge and performance gaps. The gaps can then be filled using one of the wide ranging blended training in-services, HAZMAT Skill DrillsTM or traditional classroom training programs.

“The real value of the program is the blended in-services” says Douglas Wolfe, President of Response Technologies. The in-services are designed with an asynchronous, instructor led, online training component that is followed with scenario based and problem solving hands-on drills. “This isn’t your typical point, click and test online program that fails to engage the participant” says Wolfe. “These multimedia online components involve interaction with subject matter expert instructors, activities, research projects and discussion forums that are truly designed to elevate the level of training”. Working to achieve quality while gaining cost-effectiveness is a key component of the program. Delivering good online content that is reinforced with high quality hands-on drills means less time off the street and in the classroom, less downtime and less overtime.

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